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Brazil Unknown

brazil unknown

I am certain that this football match is remembered by everyone.

It is the semi-final match game in the 2014 World Cup of Brazil losing to Germany with a stunning score of 1 – 7.

What’s stunning is NOT that Brazil lost the match because every team regardless of any favorable or non-favorable conditions could and would lose any match at any time.

What’s stunning is the stunning score reflecting how the Brazilian football players and their coach played this specially important match right in it’s homeland.

Brazil is not only recognized but confirmed to be the kingdom and master of football on earth.

The Brazilian players were more like spectators than football players in the match.

The Brazil team head coach had absolutely NO excuses of incorrect player selection and game tactics because of his many years of mastery experience.

It would be very very interesting to uncover the truth of this match in the years to come if we will ever be able to know and understand this ‘Brazil Unknown’.

Sunken Ferry Ship


What’s seemed to be just another normal course of the ferry journey to the usual place has found itself 99% submerged showing only its 1% visible on the surface of water.

What’s submerged might have very well pulled in and trapped hundreds of lives with it. What’s the normal floating with hundreds of happy and celebrating lives just 2 hours before its demise into the ocean has triggered the understanding once again of the real meaning of the overly used and abused explanation – ‘accident’.

Accident has no meaning by its absolute term. If true reasons could be rendered and determined for the cause of accident, the proven reasons explain the truth, so they tell that it’s no accident. It would therefore imply that accident is the name people give conveniently for any incident of which true reasons of causation could not be (or not wanted to be) determined and rendered.

Perplexing Mystery


The missing of Malaysia Airlines MH370 is certainly the latest mystery has yet to be unveiled. However, the March 8th 2014 occurrence has been showing increasing indications of man made incidences ever since its disappearance.

The truth is yet to be determined at the time of this posting, and it’s not expected to have any clearer picture of the incidence for quite some time in the coming. It would be very interesting to be reminded of this mystery after a long period of time later when this posting is re-read with or without the knowledge of any truth.